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Ofunne Azinge

Ofunne Azinge - Painter

Ofunne Azinge b.1998 is a contemporary Nigerian-British painter based in London.


At the heart of Azinge's practice lies a foundation rooted in the exploration of black men and the multifaceted nature of black masculinities. This artistic journey originated from a place of profound mourning for lost relatives, intertwined with a deep admiration for the women who shaped their world. Rejecting the notion that masculinity is strictly confined to gender, Azinge embraces the fluidity of this energy, allowing it to intertwine with femininity and manifest in their art. Currently, the artist finds great joy in painting women, exploring the intricate interplay between masculinity and the captivating presence it bestows upon a space.


Most recently she has exhibited as part of “Tales for a Stranger", a group show curated by Azu Nwagbogu for Maruani Marcier Gallery. Her work is in the permenant collection of The Perry Art Colelction, USA. In 2021, she was the recipient of The Arts Club Award by the Royal Academy and Curator’s choice, as well as featuring in the Exhibition’s BBC Arts documentary. She has also participated in the Clovermill Artist Residency, Amsterdam, 2022. 

Pictured, Ofunne Azinge.

Photographed by Daniele Roberts Mah © 2022

Image Courtesy of Gillian Jason Gallery

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