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Ofunne Azinge

Pictured, Ofunne Azinge.

Photographed by Daniele Roberts Mah © 2022

Image Courtesy of Gillian Jason Gallery

Ofunne Azinge - Painter

Ofunne Azinge is a Nigerian – British painter based in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Her work was previously exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
Ofunne’s work primarily focuses on the history of post-colonialism in Nigeria and its effects on black men across the diaspora and black masculinity in painting.
Born in Nigeria 1998 and moving to England at the age of 5 after being adopted, Ofunne’s work draws from various aspects of her life including the socio-political effects of migration, nostalgia and the complexities of her upbringing. 
Her large-scale paintings combine the use of her unique image transfer method, figures painted in a mixture of black/blue/purple hues, compilations of symbols from various generations draw the attention of a wide range of audiences to experience her work.

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